Join Us for Earth Healing Day!

Earth Healing Day

1PM-8PM, Monday, June 21st, 2010

Eugene Wellness Center

1551 B Oak St

Eugene, OR 97401

541-344-8912 RSVP

Free and Amazing!

Join Your local Quantum Biofeedback Community at the Eugene Wellness Center!

Come celebrate Earth Healing Day–an Earth-focused educational celebration open to the public!

About: Voice for HOPE (Healers of Planet Earth) is honored to sponsor this years annual Earth Healing Day event, set to take place on Monday, June 21st, 2010 at 11:28am EST. We are hoping to attract and assist as many practitioners as possible to participate in this most important healing event, from all modalities and all locations around the world.

As humans we are incredibly powerful, our thoughts do in fact create our reality. Each individual is a biochemical and energetic hologram reflecting all the intelligence and information within Mother Earth, and the Universe.

This wisdom is ours if we simply slow down, connect to her bountiful source and receive it! According to the Mayan Calendar, 2010-2012 continue to be amidst the most challenging phases in our planetary progression. There is much that we can do together to facilitate this transition in our evolution.

Purpose: To bring into alignment practitioners willing to create a powerful healing intention for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. To experience a sense of oneness in working together for the benefit of our planet. To create a personal and collective commitment to acting in ways which bring about a greater sense of personal responsibility, peace, love and prosperity for all.

Intended Result: To send clearing, cleansing and uplifting energy to raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet and all beings who share her.

Participate from home!


11:28am (EST) June 21st, 2010

Participate in the live Webcast

Call In Toll Free Canada & USA 866-699-3239 / Event# 666 691 365


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