Self Improvement Month

Would you like to see changes in your life?
Self Improvement Month is about making positive changes to areas you would like to see improvement in, whether its health, financial, relationships, emotional or spiritual.
We all inevitable change, know that you don’t have to do it alone.
The Eugene Wellness Center is an available resource for anyone seeking to make personal change. On September 2 & 21 we invite you and your guests to sit down and participate in one-on-one counseling with our Wellness Advisors to explore ways you can improve upon yourself.

Exploration of Self Improvement Discussion
Thursday, Sept 2
7PM, $5

In celebration of Self Improvement Month, let’s explore ways you and your guests can improve upon a current condition and your overall health. This relaxed discussion includes literature and an essential oil sample.


One response to “Self Improvement Month

  1. If you are ready to regain internal and external balance (balance of body, mind and soul), I recommend verim biofeedback. It really works!
    I love Verim Biofeedback because, while playing wonderful biofeedback game (alone or in group) I can also control my pain, migrane, and much more…

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