Upgrade your water-Upgrade your health

Drink Pure Filtered Water

To maintain your good health you need lots of good clean water. Did you know that the chemicals used to make your tab water safe from bacteria are themselves not good for you and interact with other things in your water to produce carcinogens. Did you know that the EPA has determined that city water is contaminated with pharmaceuticals and other drugs?

You can purify your water at the kitchen sink with Multi-Pure’s award winning filter systems. Not only are they the best at filtering out the bad stuff but they do it at the lowest price per gallon. Just $.08. That’s around $5 a month for all the water you and your family can drink.

On May 1st, Multi-Pure’s prices on water filter systems and replacements filters will increase. Now is the time to save money and lock in your replacement filter price for the next 6-10 years.

Talk to Les to find out more.  541-344-8912

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