Essential Oils – Organic Options in the Garden

For plants infested with insects, use one of the following essential oils. Fill a mist spray bottle with 4 oz. of water, add the essential oils and mist the infested plant. Use as little as possible. Several applications, a few days apart, may be necessary: 

  • Spearmint:  ants, aphids, caterpillars, black flea beetle, gnats, lice, moths, and plant lice.
  • Peppermint:  ants, aphids, bean beetle, cabbage root fly, caterpillars, black flea beetle, flies, lice, moths, and plant lice.
  • Lemongrass: black flea beetle, fleas, mosquitos, and ticks.
  • Tansy: black fly, carrot fly, fleas, flies, greenfly, mosquitos, and white fly. 
  • Hyssop: aphids, cabbage root fly, moths, and slugs.
  • Thyme: bean beetle, cabbage root fly, cutworm, and ticks. 
  • Sage:  cabbage root fly, cutworm, nematodes, ticks, and white fly. 
  • Rosemary: cabbage root fly and carrot fly. 
  • Patchouly: gnats, snails, weevils, and wooly aphids.
  • Pine:  slugs, snails, and wooly aphids.
  • Sandalwood: weevils and wooly aphids.
  • Purification:  will not only help keep the bugs away, but when applied to a bite or sting, will neutralize the venom. Apply a drop of Purification to wasp, bee, and yellow jacket stings and mosquito bites too…

Check your Essential Oils Reference Guide for additional ideas about using Young Living Essential Oils in your garden! Image

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