About Us

Eugene Wellness Center Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
To weave science and education with
intention and current effective healing
modalities to promote and support
healing and optimal health.

We are committed to sharing information and modalities we use to foster personal
fulfillment with our local community and
our global family.

Practitioners at The Eugene Wellness Center:

Elizabeth Xenia Quint, D.C.

Les Castle, LMT #894:
Les has been Eugene’s favorite massage therapist for many-a-year. Licensed for over 30 years, Les has the “touch”. World-class athletes and housewives alike will attest to Les’ expert moves,  Shiatsu, Swedish, and Sports being his styles of choice.

The Eugene Wellness Center has been serving the community of Eugene for over 15 years.

“Going to the Eugene Wellness Center is like going home. You are treated with individual care and you leave feeling refreshed and well cared for. Professionalism coming from the heart in each service.” – Barbara Biel

Photos of The Eugene Wellness Center

The Entrance at a 15th & Oak St.

Front Lobby – Come on In!

Infrared Sauna
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Look For the Big Red Sign!

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