Join us in bringing more healing to Eugene, Oregon and beyond with the power of essential oils and aromatherapy. The Eugene Wellness Center carries a fine selection of high quality, non-toxic products that the whole family can use. We encourage you to attend one of our monthly meetings on Essential Oils to learn more. Please come in for a demonstration or for more information.

Freshly cultivated and steam distilled, essential oils are life-enhancing gifts from the plant kingdom, revered for centuries for their restorative properties to body, mind, and spirit. Pure essential oils now re-emerge as a key solution to the challenges facing modern lifestyles. Superior to all other supplements.

The Eugene Wellness Center uses and recommends Young Living Essential Oils above all other essential oils. We carry many Young Living Essential Oil products and can assist you in enrolling to take advantage of 24% off retail price.

Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils deliver positive benefits to the body through smell, direct absorption into the skin, and by normal digestive processes. Antiseptic, calming, stimulating, soothing, Young Living’s essential oils bring balance to all systems of the body.

Introducing NingXia Red – full of Chinese Ningxia Wolfberries that have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of illnesses. What’s more, the people who consumed them on a regular basis lived remarkably healthy lives for 100-plus years. Try this amazing nectar today. Come in for a free sample and to learn more about what this powerful antioxidant can do for you.

Try NingXia Red, a natural and low-glycemic superfood drink. Come into the Eugene Wellness Center for a free sample.

To Learn More About NingXia Red Click HERE!

Multi-Pure Water Filters

Why Multi-Pure?

Download the Aqua Dome Spec Sheet

Consumers Digest has selected our Aqua Dome unit to be a BEST BUY in their August 2009 issue! This is the 3rd time in the past several years that a Multi-Pure system has been selected for this prestigious honor!

You have probably been asked numerous times, “what’s in my drinking water?” Current data is available for most medium-large sized municipal drinking water providers online.  Most of them post their CCRs (consumer confidence reports) on their websites. Here’s Las Vegas:

2/3 of your body weight is water!

Water helps keep your muscles and skin toned, assists in weight loss, transports oxygen and nutrients to cells, eliminates toxins and wastes from the body, and regulates body temperature. Drinking refreshing, clean water plays a major role in reducing the risk of certain diseases.

For better health, drink at least 8 glasses of clean water a day!

Water Filtration – A Key to Wellness
Here is a Sampling of the Top Water Filtration Systems That We Offer. Contact Us for More Information About Multi-Pure® Systems: 541-344-8912

Ask us About Purchasing Your Own Whole Body Vibration Machine!!

Purchase your very own Vibration machine for your home. We currently have 2 models to offer:

The Vibration 360


System Specifications

  • Maximum Power- 1.5 HP
  • Input Voltage- 10V/220V/60Hz/50Hz
  • Input Power- 500W
  • Speed Range-50
  • Amplitude- 0-10mm
  • User Weight Capacity- 330Ibs
  • Assembly Size- L29″XW27″XH48″

Buy it today for only $1200 
(reg. retail $1695)

The K1 Platinum


System Specifications

  • Product Size: 31”W x 23”D x 50”H (including handle stand)
  • Product Weight: 98 lbs.
  • 110V (International units available)
  • Rated Power Consumption: 150W
  • Commercially rated for 8 or more hours of use at a time
  • Maximum user weight: 330 lbs.
  • Model No. MH7500

Buy it today for only $2995 (reg. retail $3200)

Call us or email for more information about purchase.  541-344-8912

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  1. Hello! I am biking across the country and coming into Eugene in a couple days! I would love to come in and check out the center. Keep an eye out for me!

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