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Essential Oils Series – Thieves

There are many oil blends out there which have incredible properties, but none more impressive than the subject of this post: Thieves!

This blend contains a powerful combination of oils that are known to be highly antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, and anti-infectious, making it a super addition to any immune-boosting regimen.

The name, Thieves, comes from research about a group of 15th-century thieves who covered themselves in essential oils to avoid contracting the bubonic plague (also called the Black plague) while robbing the bodies of the dead and the dying. The plague was said to have been so contagious that those who touched the dead or the sick were immediately affected themselves, which usually lead to death. When the thieves were apprehended in Marsailles, France 1413, they were offered more lenient punishment in exchange for revealing their secret to resisting the infection. The thieves disclosed a combination of herbs and oils they had used. These oils are the basis of the Thieves oil blend recipe.

Thieves essential oil blend contains the following oils:

Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus 

According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference – Fourth Edition,

“Studies conducted at Weber State University (Ogden, UT) during 1997 demonstrated its killing power against airborne microorganisms. One analysis showed a 90 percent reduction in the number of gram positive Micrococcus lutes organisms after diffusing for 12 minutes. After 20 minutes of diffusing, the kill-rate jumped to 99.3 percent. Another study against the gram negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa showed a kill rate of 99.96 percent after just 12 minutes of diffusion.”

Research conducted at Weber State University in cooperation with D. Gary Young, as well as other documented research, indicates that most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils.  Oils high in phenols, carcacrol, thymol, and terpenes, such as those found in Thieves oil, are especially useful for this purpose.

These oils are not only beneficial when diffused, but can also be used in the home and in a variety of natural living products such as toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, hand soap, and waterless hand purifier. Young Living offers these products as alternatives to the harsh chemicals present in most cleaning and home products. If you are looking for a non-toxic way to keep your immunity high, and your body and home clean and smelling fabulous, Thieves is your blend!

One way you can use the power of this essential oil blend to boost your immune system this cold and flu season is by utilizing the Thieves lozenges in combination with Young Living’s Inner Defense supplement, which contains a combination of essential oils including Thieves blend, Oregano, Lemongrass, and Thyme.

In fact, this month Young Living is offering a special promotion featuring Thieves and other immune-boosting products. Visit our Essential Oils page to check it out! 

For more information about this incredible oil, listen to the following audio clip:

Boost Your Internal Defenses with Unequaled Products
By Doug Corrigan, Director of Training and Education

Use with care and discontinue use if you have any kind of allergic reaction.

Testimonials about Thieves Oil from www.oil-testimonials.com:

“We just love the Thieves oil blend. For colds and flu, go for Thieves. Sore throat? A drop of thieves in water, gargle and swallow. Or try Thieves spray – one spray does the trick. Thieves lozenges are great, too, especially for the little ones. Thieves cleaner is ‘my’ cleaner for everything, from cabinets and high chairs, to all bathroom fixtures, doorknobs and dishes. Thieves toothpaste is a must, and safe for the whole family.”

-Virginia Chavey

TX, United States

“I just started using Thieves again last night after I had dinner with a friend who said she was ‘coming down with something’ and had a sick co-worker. I use it during the fall and winter to help prevent colds and flu. I rub it on my gums and then touch my finger to my tongue. I also use it on my palms and bottoms of my feet. It has helped me tremendously. This weekend I’m going to order the Thieves spray cleaner for my phone and desk at work, and for the bathroom & kitchen at home.”

-Kathy Montana, Energy Worker

NY, United States

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