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Essential Oils Series – Lavender

Many people who are new to essential oils say things like, “But what will I ever use these for?” and “I’ve never needed essential oils before, why would I start using them now?”  With this in mind, and in order to help inform and educate people with questions such as these, as well as to re-excite those who already use and appreciate the properties of these natural plant essences, we are starting a series which will fill you in on some of the goods as to how and why essential oils work and how they can be applied to your life. Each post will focus on an individual oil or blend and how it can enhance your life both physically and mentally. Essential oils are more than just wonderful smells. While most of the oils and blends do have a pleasant aroma, there is so much more to these volatile oils than meets the eye. There is also a big difference between essential oils you purchase anywhere, which are likely to be diluted or cut with fragrances other than the oils and their essences, and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

More on that in future posts, but today I want to focus on one specific amazing oil: Lavender.

Known as the “swiss army knife” of essential oils, this beautiful plant is amazingly versatile and one of the most powerful plants for natural remedies of both physical and emotional stressors. French scientist René-Maurice Gattefossé, regarded as the Father of Aromatherapy and the one given credit for the word itself, discovered the healing virtues of the lavender plant when he burned his hand during an experiment. He is said to have stuck his hand in a tub of lavender, only to find that the burn healed very quickly and with little scarring, teaching him of the plant’s ability to promote tissue regeneration and speed wound healing.

Calming and relaxing, and known to help balance energies within the body, lavender belongs to the mint family (Lamiaceae or Labiatae). According to the Essential Oils Desk Reference (fifth edition):

“University of Miami researchers found that inhalation of lavender oil increased beta waves in the brain, suggesting heightened relaxation. It also reduced depression and improved cognitive performance (Diego, et al., 1998). A 2001 Osaka Kyoiku University study found that lavender reduced mental stress and increased alertness (Motomura, et al., 2001).” 

Lavender is not only refreshing and stimulating for the mind and body, it can also help with restful sleeping. Add a drop or two to your pillow/sheets before bed. It can also be inhaled for relaxation, just apply 1-2 drops to palms and gently rub palms together before cupping hands around nose and mouth and taking a series of deep breaths. Apply it neat (directly to the skin) to burns, cuts, and scrapes for faster healing time and lessened scarring. Apply with massage oil or carrier oil to sore muscles or other aches and pains, can also be applied neat to the skin. Apply 2-4 drops to chakras to help with energy balance, and/or to Vita Flex points. Diffuse in an essential oils diffuser.

Use with care and discontinue use if you have any kind of allergic reaction. You can also try using a blend containing lavender oil such as: Aroma Siez, Awaken, Brain Power, Dragon Time, Envision, Forgiveness, Highest Potential, M-Grain, R.C, and Trauma Life, or make your own blend. Lavender blends well with Clary Sage, Nutmeg, any citrus oil, and others.

Testimonials about Lavender Oil from www.oil-testimonials.com:

“I always carry lavender in my purse. No matter what the problem, lavender seems to help. I have arthritis and fibro, so I rub it on my painful & numb feet, any sore muscles, my thumbs, knees, shoulders, and neck. It helps for relaxation too – I put a drop under my nose or on my earlobes. For a cut or burn, lavender aids in healing (for cold sores too.) If I have any problem and am not sure what oil to use…I depend on my lavender. 
–Darlene Staples
WI, United States
“I used lavender on my sunburn and it took the pain RIGHT away. I am new to the oils so I was very surprised and excited. I diluted it in a bit of grape seed oil.” 
–Heidi Neiss
NM, United States
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